The CenturyMen are Going to Cuba

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In April, 2016, The CenturyMen will be in concerts and workshop venues in cities across Cuba. From Havana to Santiago, area theaters and concert halls as well as churches have been opened to The CenturyMen. They will perform major concerts and regional workshops with musicians who desire ministry training in their local church.

While it is not permitted in Cuba to speak of religion in the theater and concert hall venues, The CenturyMen will be permitted to sing from their repertoire which is religious. The concerts in the churches will allow total freedom to speak of their faith.

God has truly opened the doors of Cuba for The CenturyMen to have a unique ministry of encouraging Christians and their use of choral music in their churches. Pray for The CenturyMen. Pray that God will provide each CenturyMen a way to participate in this ministry to Cuba.