The CenturyMen return to Washington D.C.

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From October 5th to the 14th, The CenturyMen will be touring throughout the North East.
The concert schedule will be:

Oct. 8 – 8:30 am & 11:00 am
First Baptist Church
Kings Mountain, NC

Oct. 8 – 7 pm
Ardmore Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC

Oct. 9 – 7 pm
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
Glen Allen, VA

Oct. 10  – 7 pm
First Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

Oct. 11  – 7 pm
First Baptist Church, Washington, DC

October 12 – 7 pm
First Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Oct. 13 – 7 pm
Prichard Memorial Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

Make plans now to see The CenturyMen in concert near you.

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