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The CenturyMen will be gathering in Nashville, TN on February 1st to record their newest project. This is always a special time for us as we rehearse, polish, and record some of the most wonderful songs available. Come back to this page often as I keep you up to date on all the happenings.


Today saw us gathering at FBC, Nashville to begin our preparation for the new recording project. It has been 111 days since we were last together. President Larry Danks called us together, and Dr. Charlie began his work in shaping all this music into something that will honor God and encourage believers. It is always a joy to hear these voices united in praise. Joe Fitzpatrick and the staff at FBC, Nashville treated us like royalty. Our days will be long, but our praise will be strong. Pray for The CenturyMen as we work this week. I will be posting photos in an online album as I receive them. You will be able to access them here as they are available.


Today marked our first full day of rehearsal. We awoke to cold temperatures outside (19 degrees). Thanks to Tommy Webster and the people of Ellendale Baptist Church for the use of their church bus for  transportation. It made the 3-4 block distance from our hotel to the church much warmer. Our day started with a wonderful devotion time led by our Chaplain, Billy Bob Dempsey. Then we settled in for a day of work and worship. Although we are ‘woodshedding’ most of our music, we can still worship in the words and music God gave to gifted lyricists and composers. What a joy it is to blend our voices together. Thank you, Lord, for your blessings upon The CenturyMen.


Saturday saw slightly warmer temperatures, and another full day of rehearsal. Final tweaks were made to the pieces we will be singing tomorrow at the Brentwood United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church, Nashville. Our service at Brentwood starts at 8:15 a.m., and the service at FBC will be at 10:30 a.m. The process of recording will start on Monday morning. Pray for The CenturyMen as we share the Gospel with these two congregations.


Sunday saw us up and ready very early. We sang at the beautiful Brentwood United Methodist Church at 8:15 a.m., then travelled to the historic First Baptist Church of Nashville for their 10:30 a.m. service. At both churches, we were revived and welcomed with love and appreciation. Thank you Shannon Garrett and Joe Fitzpatrick  for your work in hosting us. As Rick Ramsey and his crew set up the choir loft for our recording sessions, the rest of The CenturyMen got some much needed rest. A large group even ordered pizza and watched the Super Bowl together in the hotel lobby.


And so, it begins. The recording sessions began this morning at 9:30. Will Thompson led us in a very inspirational devotion and prayer time, then we moved into the choir loft to get our headphones adjusted and our places set. And then, we began. 12 hours later, we have 4 songs fairly finished. After a much needed night’s rest, we will start it all again tomorrow. Please pray for our physical rest, and for vocal strength for the rest of this week.


Day 2 of recording was much like Day 1. Cameron Dahl began our day with a wonderful devotional. Then we settled in for a full day of singing and recording. By the end of day 2, we were a choir loft full of very tired singers, but we are excited that we have gotten 8 of our songs done. While we were singing, Joseph, Jonathan, and Cindy were in the recording booth, working their magic. This is indeed a project that requires all The CenturyMen and our friends. We ask that you pray for us as we finish, and that God will use this project to proclaim His Word around the world.


Day 3 of recording brings the end of this project into view. Today proved to be a very productive day as we were able to get 4 more songs finished. Mark Burnett started our day off with a devotion from Philippians. He encouraged us to always pray for one another. Then we settled in for a full day of recording. We ended with a few hours of rehearsing for tomorrow, and our annual business meeting. Larry Danks, 2018 President, presented a CenturyMen ring to our 2017 President, Bob Robinson. Both men have done exceptional jobs in leading us. We then adjourned for some much needed rest. This will allow us to start our final day refreshed and ready to praise.


Day 4 of recording began with a very heart-warming devotion from Don Parks. And then we started work on the two new pieces written for us by Joseph Joubert. And, as always, Joseph provided us with wonderful music that is a joy to hear and sing. And then, after a full day of recording, sharing, and worshipping, our time in Nashville came to an end. The studio work that goes into finishing a project like this will begin soon. Continue to pray for Charlie, Joseph, Jonathan, and all those that will labor long to bring this project to completion. It is always sad to part company with the amazing men that make up The CenturyMen. GOD BE WITH YOU ‘TIL WE MEET AGAIN.

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  1. The CenturyMen’s continued ministry of providing meaningful songs of the Good News of Jesus to a world in great need of knowing and living God’s love. Thanks to each of you for your time and vocal ability to be shared with others.

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