Fifty for the 50th

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During the annual board meeting this past January, members of the board expressed a deep desire to see the ministry of The CenturyMen continue strongly for years to come. As a gesture of hope we are launching a Fifty for the 50th challenge to all CenturyMen and to the friends of The CenturyMen. Our challenge is to raise $50,000 in gifts and pledges by the 50th Anniversary Banquet on July 20, 2019. The purpose of this campaign will be to underwrite the majority of the cost of our new CD that will be premiered during the 50th Anniversary Tour as well as to help ensure we have funds needed to underwrite future mission projects like our 2016 project in Cuba.

If you feel led to join us in this cause, please make your way to the Fifty for the 50th page located under the Donate tab on the Main Menu. You can also reach that page by clicking here. There you will find information to give online, or the place to mail in your contribution.

Thank you for your part in ensuring the mission and ministry of The CenturyMen will continue on for years to come.

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