50th Anniversary Tour
July 16, 2019
3:35 pm

As many of you know, we have been waiting on a potential invitation for The Centurymen to sing at next year’s Texas Choral Director’s Association Annual Convention.  That decision and the invitation to sing is to be issued by the Vice President of the Church division within TCDA.  At this year’s convention, a new Church Vice President was elected and I am glad to tell you that we have been invited to sing at the Friday evening session of TCDA for the Church division.  This is an opportunity that Charlie and I have talked about for almost a year and will provide us with an outstanding conclusion to our 50th Anniversary tour.  The first concert of the tour will be Thursday evening, July 18, as the featured concert at the ALLELUIA Church Music Conference on the campus of Baylor University.

While there are specific details that need to be coordinated, this confirms both the hub city and the dates of the tour.  The hub city for the tour will be San Antonio, which has an airport with all the major airline carriers (American, Delta, Southwest, etc.).  The confirmed dates of the tour are July 16—27.  Your travel plans should be made so that you arrive in San Antonio for the rehearsals, which will begin on Tuesday, July 16 at 2:00 pm, and depart San Antonio on Saturday, July 27, following our TCDA concert Friday evening.  The 50th Anniversary Banquet will be in Dallas on Saturday evening, July 20.  Spouses are welcome to join us for the entire tour, but are especially encouraged to join us for the banquet.

Now that the dates are set, we will begin the process of finalizing churches and venues with careful consideration being given to pacing so that we can be at our best for every opportunity.

Thank you for your prayers and your patience as we have walked through this process.  Our goal is to have final cost and registration open by October 1.